Tel No. (+964) 781-554-8764


General Service

Al Nawfal Company is well versed in joining projects at various stages, from Grass Roots to planning deliverables, procuring and dealing with Government Customs Departments and making personnel and equipment available to any potential Client.

Provision and Trading

Al Nawfal Company has the edge on a lot of other companies in Iraq and supply all manner of equipment and ancillary items to potential Client’s and projects, that are already well underway.

Al Nawfal Fleet

Al Nawfal can provide a comprehensive fleet of vehicles for any project, ranging from Tractor Units and Trailers to Cranes, Forklift, Low-boy units, Pick-up’s, Portable Generator Units for accommodation, Welding Units and Safety Canopies and Side-boom Crawler units for pipe-line work. All Operators will hold qualifications to Project requirements!